My  P A R I S'   Workshops

Discover craftworkers in their workshops, and work with them, using their professional tools and receiving their « little tips » to realize your own « Souvenir from Paris »!

Deploy creativity, design and draw your pattern, mix, roll, knead and puddle materials. Be curious and ask all the questions you have to the specialists!

Contact us for more details or any specific request!


Your Accompanying-Escort

Your Accompanying Escort meets you at your accommodation, or at your own convenience to take you to the Workshop. She/He is your Facilitator for the activity due to her/his professional experience and knowledge of Paris.


Booking & Cancellation Terms & Conditions

Our Tours and Visits are « Round-Trip » start and end at your accommodation/meeting point you mentioned.

Your Booking Confirmation is transmitted after Payment.

Cancellation Policy

° 100% Refund if canceled before Day -10

° 50% Refund if canceled between Day -10 and Day -7

° The Service is due Day -7, after 5:00pm (Paris time)