"Souvenirs from Paris" Workshops

Our workshops are an opportunity to discover the backstages of our Craftsmen partners's workshops !

Put on your apron, take a brush and tube paints, roll up your sleeves,

and participate alongside our passionate professionals to create your own "Souvenirs from Paris" !

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Our brochure for 2019    


Please, feel free to download our Brochure

Baguette and Croissants : in the Baker's laboratory

Rendez-vous in the Baker's kitchen !

Get ready to discover the cooking-tips for the French Bread.


From the Baguette oven to the croissants's rolling proper move, welcome to the backstages !

Earthenware Workshop

Clay will be the material to shape, following your creativity. With the help of our enthousiast Clay Teacher, create your own "Souvenir from Paris" !

Painting Workshop at the Artist's studio

After a visit in a Museum, you will be accompanied to Our Artist workshop.


Reproduce a piece of work from a museum or just feel free to create your own "Souvenir from Paris" !

Cooking Class

Welcome to the kitchen of our Chef. The Chef proposes different menus and options, according to the season and the market.

It will be fresh and home-made cooked ! Yummy !

Cooking Class in the kitchen

Personalised Macaroons tasting tour

After a short walking tour to "benchmark" the macaroons in Paris, you will end up the visit at a producer's shop, who will unveil the secrets of macaroons, and surprise your tastes with the different flavours !

You will then "print" your own macaroons as "Souvenirs from Paris"...

Class in the Chocolaterie

Ever dreamt of having chocolate all over your hands ?

With our Maitre-Chocolatier, you will find the right temperature, and discover the secrets of chocolate, before creating your own chocolate sweets !

Jewels Class in the shop

Draw, create, give a shape to the metal. Experience the birth of a jewel !

In the cauldron of our Maître-Bijoutier, learn the transformation of metal, under your fingers, and make your own jewel-souvenir.

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