Welcome to Paris!

Paris is a City to visit again and again...

Your Guide is a cultural facilitator at your service in a City rich of more than 2000 years of History, of Arts, Culture, events, fashion, influence... and you and your party!


She/He is a professional licensed Guide (eq. PhD), officialy authorized to guide you through museums collection and exhibitions as well as outdoors, with the care of adapting the explanation she/he delivers to the public she/he is accompanying.


We would always recommend to discover Paris by walking, at your own path, looking up to admire the City of Lights from sidewalks to rooftops.
Most of our tours can be performed from scratch by walking or using public transportations, or the taxis/drivers services to reach a starting point.

The way to this starting point is part of the visit itself.

If you prefer to enjoy your own transportation on disposal, we can arrange your private driver and adapted vehicle.


Disabled publics are included in our walking tour : we can arrange an accompanying Escort at your service for the visit.


Contact us for more details or any specific request!

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